Ever wished Creme Eggs were filled with chocolate? Now you can get one

Virgin Radio

1 Apr 2021, 11:57

There are loads of weird and wonderful combinations available this Easter.

Cheese and Marmite hot cross buns, lifelike chocolate pomegranates and more.

If you've ever wished that Creme Eggs were more chocolatey, you're in luck.

You'll have to be quick though as there's only 400 in stock.

Snack website GB gifts are selling imports of them for £1.99 per egg.

Instead of the traditional yellow and white fondant, this egg is filled with a smooth chocolate creme centre instead.

It's normally only available in the US. 

Commenters on Instagram are already loving them.

"This looks way better than normal Creme Eggs" writes one fan.

"These are EPIC!!!" says one. 

"Oh my days," said another.

However some creme egg fans think the original is still the best. 

"This is sacrilege," insists one. 

If you don't get hold of one of these, there are caramel and Oreo Creme eggs in a multipack with the traditional flavour. 

You can find them at Asda for £1.50.