How to wash both sides of a window from inside using a simple, impressive latch trick

Virgin Radio

1 Apr 2021, 14:24

Fancy learning a hassle-free way to wash the windows on both sides with very little effort or time wasted? Sign us up. A TikToker who has the Axolotl & Reptile Rescue UK page - shared just that with his 9,700 followers and has clocked up over 90,000 likes with hundreds of comments. 

He said: "Hey guys, have you ever struggled to clean the back of your windows? I'm going to show you how."

First take the window off the latch to make it open wider.

Then press a secret button in the frame which lets you slide the window along and push the hinge up at the side.

Demonstrating how to do it, he added: "And that's how you clean both sides!"

People were keen to give it a go and try out the new-found discovery. 

One user commented: "Woooah I did not know that." Another added: "Mind blown."

A user asked: "OK so I no longer have to risk my life by hanging out?!?"

Another applauded: "Never jumped up to try something so fast!"