Ferrero Rocher ice cream sticks are coming soon

Virgin Radio

1 Apr 2021, 16:05

After the gorgeous weather we had earlier this week, many of us turned to ice cream and BBQs. 

First, there was the exciting BBQ pizza oven news, and now there are new ice creams too.

In the next few months, Ferrero Rocher ice cream sticks will be hitting the shelves.

They look just like the popular chocolates they're inspired by. They apparently consist of a crunchy chocolate shell with roasted hazelnuts pieces and hazelnut-infused ice cream, plus a rich cocoa and nutty swirl throughout.

There will be three different flavours, too. Sink your teeth into Ferrero Rocher milk, Ferrero Rocher dark and the Raffaello variety with a white chocolate shell covered in coconut and almond pieces, with coconut flavoured ice cream in the middle.

They're being released in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Austria first, but the UK will get them later this year.

Ferrero commented: ‘This launch marks an important and proud moment for Ferrero, as we introduce the first-ever Ferrero ice creams for two of our most loved brands: Ferrero Rocher and Raffaello.

‘Featuring a distinctive round shape, sophisticated taste and sensational texture, we believe consumers will love the new ice creams as much as we do. They are crafted with the same expertise, care, quality ingredients and infinite attention to detail that our brands are known for.’