LISTEN AGAIN: The Weekend Outing with Emma Goswell (Luchia Fitzgerald & Alfie and Roo)

Virgin Radio

14 Jun 2021, 15:07

Following on from Emma Goswell's compelling interview with rock icon Skin on Thursday (listen back to that here, it's an essential listen!), Emma is back with her first Weekend Outing. 

Emma chats to trailblazing gay and women's right campaigner, Luchia Fitzgerald; now in her 70s she is not slowing down. A truly inspirational woman, an unbelievably powerful interview, you will need hankies.

AND keep those hankies out as Emma also chats to Alfie and Roo whose relationship has withstood a series of challenges and is a shining example of love winning.

Listen on-demand to Emma Goswell's Weekend Outing above!