A woman is asking potential dates to send her voice impressions of Marge Simpson

Virgin Radio

14 Jun 2021, 16:39

Dating apps can be a grim spiral of swiping left and right with no joy to be found, however one dater has found a genius way to inject some fun into proceedings.

She asked potential dates on Bumble to send her their best Marge Simpson impression.

The dater posted recordings on TikTok of several different voice notes - bless them, they probably didn't realise the world would hear!

"I made guys on Bumble do Marge Simpson impressions," the woman wrote.

There were five impressions in total.

She really liked number four's effort, replying: "Wow. Now that was impressive. I love the commitment to the cause."

The things we do for love!

People loved her idea and rushed to praise her genius.

One person commented: "I'd date them based on this alone."

Someone else added: "First one is perfection."

And a third replied: "Hahahahahaha I might start doing this."

At least it's more interesting than "How are you? Good weekend?"