TikTok foodies are making "sausage rolls" out of Caramilk and Mars Bars

Virgin Radio

30 Jun 2021, 16:17

If you've ever wished you could combine your favourite sweet treat with pastry, you need to get onto TikTok. 

How about a Caramilk Sausage Roll? Or a Mars Bar one?

Fortunately there's no actual sausage involved, that would be a bit weird. 

TikTok user @scribblefix placed Mars Bar and Caramilk chunks between pastry sheets.

They were then cooked in a sausage roll maker, to reveal flaky, chocolatey goodness.

Commenters were amazed.

One wrote: "Mam you just did something deliciously dangerous".

Others gave advice of how to improve: "Egg wash for a darker brown".

"Add cinnamon sugar at the end", recommended another.

Others were excited about the potential:

One TikTok user said: "imagine the fillings you can do, endless lol".

Another person said: "Would have been iconic to use Wonka chocolate for this".

Someone else was inspired:

"I have had this machine for over 6 months. VERY dangerous but oh so yummy. Tonight I'm making chicken curry puffs", said one commenter.

 "Honest to god I bought this on the weekend for chicken pastry... NOT NOW" added another.

"Yummy thank you so much I will make my fav Maccas apple and custard pie".

One person said: "OMG, I literally just opened TikTok to this and sorry but have a great day I'm off to Kmart".

Someone wasn't sold on the chocolate idea but needed the gadget: "Okay 1st terrible idea for chocolate but oiiii I want a sausage roll maker".

So bad it's good.