Kate Winslet speaks about whether there will be a new season of Mare of Easttown

Virgin Radio

15 Jul 2021, 10:09

It should be no surprise to anybody just how amazing Kate Winslet was in the smalltown murder-mystery drama, Mare of Easttown. Her performance gained her universal acclaim, and this week she was nominated for an Emmy Award for her role as the beleaguered-yet-tough detective Mare Sheehan.

Indeed, the show was such a smash that it picked up a remarkable 16 Emmy nominations, so it’s little wonder that there is a clamour for a second season. But the big question is, will there be one?

Addressing this, Winslet told Deadline that she is definitely up for inhabiting Mare again, should the opportunity arise. “I would love to play her again, I absolutely believe there's more chapters to her story,” she said. 

So far, so exciting for fans of the show. However, the Oscar-winner did sound a slight note of caution, saying, “However, just because the story has touched people, that doesn't necessarily mean creatively we can do it again.”

Overall though, she sounded optimistic about the prospect of more episodes of the drama, adding, “But it doesn't mean closing doors; we're opening doors, exploring what's behind the doors.”

Meanwhile, HBO are obviously keen to create more Mare of Easttown. Last month, their Chief Content Officer, Casey Bloys, told Variety, “If Brad Inglesby, writer felt like he had a story to tell that felt like it would be at the same level, I think everybody would be open to it.”

He added, “Right now, he doesn't have that story. Who knows? We'll have to wait to see if they come up with something they're dying to tell.”

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they come up with a new story, because we definitely need more Mare Sheehan in our lives!

In case you haven't seen the first season of Mare of Easttown (and if you haven't, you're in for a treat), it's available to watch on Sky on demand.