Air date revealed for Sheridan Smith’s No Return alongside new first look teaser

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1 Feb 2022, 14:33

Credit: ITV

Credit: ITV

The thrilling new series will be coming to ITV next week. 

A release date for Sheridan Smith’s highly anticipated new series, No Return, has finally been revealed by ITV along with a new first-look clip.

The chilling drama was announced at the end of last year but there had been no update on a release date until now.

Sheridan will be starring alongside Michael Jibson as parents Kathy and Martin, who are forced to fight for their teenage son Noah after he has been arrested in the middle of the night while the family is all on holiday in Turkey.

The family not only has to prove their son’s innocence, but they must try and understand a completely different legal system in a foreign language.

In an update from ITV, it has now been confirmed No Return will air on 7 February at 9pm.

We were also treated with another glimpse at a critical moment in the four-episode series. In the teaser, we see Police banging on the family’s hotel door in the middle of the night.

Martin opens the door to a group of policemen, who he doesn’t understand, and it’s up to the hotel’s receptionist to tell him: “They need to talk to your son”.

Within minutes they are inside the hotel room, and it feels like more and more Police appear, some even armed with guns.

 No one has any idea what they are saying or what they want apart from the word “Noah”.

The clip ends with Noah being escorted out of the hotel room in handcuffs and his bewildered-looking mother running after them.

It looks as though this is going to be an intense watch. Sheridan has even said herself it was harrowing to film and that she has never done anything quite like it.