A new Dairy Milk flavour has been released

Virgin Radio

8 Mar 2022, 10:44

Pic: Kev's Snack Reviews Instagram

Good news for chocolate fans, get your hands on a new flavour of Dairy Milk.

Many purists say you can't beat a bar of Dairy Milk, and new flavours are always a hit.

A new one is coming to shelves near you soon.... mint!

The buttons and fingers were released in the mint variety back in September.

Fans were thrilled, but they were really hoping for a bar of the good stuff.

Their wish has been answered with the new arrival of a mint Dairy Milk bar made with real peppermint oil.

A mint chocolate bar comes out at Christmas for their Winter Mint Crisp version, but that's normal plain Dairy Milk chocolate with bits of mint flavouring in.

This new bar, by contrast, has the mint oil in the chocolate itself.

You can purchase a 180g bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk from Tesco stores now for £2.

Fans have also been loving the arrival of Caramilk Buttons.

Instagram account Kev's Snack Reviews praised the chunkier size of the bar.

Instagram users were excited.

"Can't wait to try this one" said one.

"Mint flavoured, oooooh yes!" added another.

"Yay! Finally something that isn't orange" joked one person.

Will you give it a go?