MasterChef winner Eddie Scott planning to return to job as marine pilot

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7 May 2022, 16:04

But - and it's a big tasty but - he does ‘dream of opening a restaurant’.

Despite winning the biggest cookery competition in the UK - yeah, you heard Bake Off - MasterChef 2022 champion Eddie Scott is going back to the day job for now.

Hirsute marine pilot Eddie came up trumps in last week's grand final, where he faced strong competition from Pookie Tredell and Radha Kaushal-Bollan, who finished as runners-up.

Eddie impressed throughout the competition with his cuisine honing in on Indian flavours mixed with French cooking styles, which made judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace drool.

Look how happy he looks! Bless!

Despite being in high demand for his skills in the kitchen, Eddie has told that he's not giving up the sea and the skies just yet. He said, "I’m going to continue with that for a little while, my old job."

He continued: "Obviously, it’s always been a passion and a dream of mine to have a career in the food industry, now MasterChef has made that possible.

"I would love to get some experience in some top restaurant kitchens, to develop my skills further and I’d love nothing more than to open my own restaurant to showcase my food. I love writing too and I’d love to write about food, whether it be a cookbook or for a newspaper or magazine. Lots of exciting plans ahead, I’m sure!"

Eddie was keen to give props to his fellow contestants too. Because he's nice. So nice.

"I always knew it was going to be a really challenging final, everyone was going to be on their A-game, it is hard and there’s extra pressure in the final. From the skill of all the cooks I’ve come across this year in the competition, the standard was incredibly high."

Read the full Metro interview here. And make us a bacon sandwich will you, we're starving.