Forget charcuterie boards! Snackleboxes are the new snack trend you need to know about

Virgin Radio

5 Jul 2022, 08:38


Credit: TikTok (@skybut)

Long gone are the days of artistically placing cheese and meat across a block of wood!

In the newest foodie trend we can’t wait to try, people are turning to the expertly named Snacklebox - which sees delicious snack foods expertly arranged in a fishing tackle box. 

Yes, really. 

Obviously not used for any fishing trips, the Snacklebox is designed to organise the likes of olives, cured meats and tiny gherkins, instead of worms and hooks like a traditional tackle box. 

Say goodbye to lugging a cheeseboard to a chic picnic, because the Snacklebox is perfect for keeping things properly arranged, takes much less time, and looks just as good on Instagram. 

According to Google, people only started looking for Snacklebox inspo in 2021, and of course, TikTok has made the idea go viral. 

Some people even take the trend to the extreme, making their own tackle box for snacks out of old suitcases with several layers to pull out. 

If you’re after another helpful TikTok hack for your food, check out this viral chef video about the best way to reduce food waste.

Recent research found that the average UK household spends over £700 a year on food waste, which equates to a staggering 6.6 million tonnes per home.

As TikTok chef, Martyn Odell, also known as the Food Waste Disruptor, says: “Food waste is a massive issue. It impacts our pockets and the environment as wasted food is also wasted energy, labour and transportation.”

He adds: “A few changes in the way we organize our kitchens, shops and cook can play a huge role in saving us cash and saving the planet.”