Quentin Tarantino: 'I bloody love Top Gun 2!'

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7 Aug 2022, 13:31

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We're paraphrasing.

Top Gun: Maverick, the sequel to 1986's Top Gun, has raked in over $1.3 billion worldwide during its theatrical run, with many declaring the new film the savour of cinema, it being responsible for getting people back into multiplexes after the chaos of COVID-19.

And it now appears that Quentin Tarantino is a fan.

“Normally I don’t talk about new movies that much because I’m forced to say only good things, but in this case I fucking love Top Gun, the Maverick movie. I thought it was fantastic,” the Pulp Fiction director told the ReelBlend Podcast

He continued; “I saw it at the theatres. It was, as our good mutual friend Brett Easton Ellis says, a true cinematic spectacle, the kind that I’d almost thought I wasn’t going to see anymore. It was fantastic."

Rumours that Quentin would have enjoyed the film more if Maverick (Tom Cruise) had his ear cut off remain unconfirmed.

With original director Tony Scott - who collaborated with Tarantino on the 1993 film True Romance - having passed in 2012, Quentin was unsure how the sequel would work. He needn't have worried.

“I said [to Tom Cruise], ‘How do you do Top Gun without Tony Scott?’ And he goes, ‘I know. Look, I know. You’re right. It’s why I’ve said no all these years [but] we figured out a way. We came up with a good story..."

Quentin continued; “The respect and the love of Tony was in every frame. It was almost in every decision. It was consciously right there, but in this really cool way that was really respectful. It’s the closest we’re ever going get to seeing one more Tony Scott movie...” 

Film fans remain on tenterhooks as to the subject matter of Tarantino's tenth - and possibly last - film. The director said he would only make ten movies.

2019's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was his ninth.

"No, I'm not interested in doing my last movie, ‘The story of Quentin'," he said, as it was suggested that his last film might be a biopic of his life. "As egomaniacal as I give my own self credit for, that might be a bridge too far! For even I! ‘The final Quentin Tarantino movie. The final Quentin Tarantino story! Starring Jared Leto!’ I don't think that's gonna be my last movie. ‘The Quentin Tarantino story, starring George Hamilton!’"