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14 Oct 2022, 09:00

Credit: Itty Bitty Kitty City

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Friday 14th October 2022  

There are lots of companies trying to do better these days and we meet an American baby product company who’ve been moved to change the way they package products by a rescued kitten.

Say hello to Munchkin, an adorable tabby kitten, taken in as a stray with a Munchkin - hence her name - baby bottle packaging ring stuck around her neck. The plastic had become embedded into poor Munchkin’s skin.

Her rescuer made Munchkin the baby product manufacturers aware of their namesake kitten’s desperate situation which had occurred because of the thoughtless and wasteful approach to their packaging. To their credit the baby company got straight in touch with rescuers Itty Bit Kitty City, paid for Munchkin the kitten’s medical bills and donated $2,500 to the charity. More importantly they have now changed their packaging so the same fate cannot befall another itty bitty kitty in any city!

Via: goodnewnsetwork.org

Credit: Licenced by The Sun/News UK

A heart-warming news pupdate from here in the UK as a dog owner gets the most special tattoo of her beloved pooch who died prematurely.

Say hello to Robyn, who’s an estate agent from Birmingham who grew up with English bull terriers. She loves them so much that when it came time to get her own dog she rescued a one year old Bull terrier and called him Bronson. He was deaf but had so much character and Robyn “spoiled him rotten”. She even found a bull terrier group and joined so Bronson could have dog friends. They brilliantly hired fields so twenty bull terriers could be let off the lead and play together. He had a “brilliant life” says Robyn, but that was cruelly cut short in July when Bronson died of unknown causes.

The man who cremated him told heartbroken Robyn that he’d heard that some owners mix the ashes of their beloved pets with ink and get tattoos. As luck would have it, Robyn’s other half is a tattooist, so that’s exactly what she did and now Bronson is with her wherever she goes :)

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org