The Great British Bake Off winner Guiseppe Dell'Anno on who will make this year's final

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14 Oct 2022, 11:06

Guiseppe Dell'Anno

Credit: ITV

The Great British Bake Off 2022 is well and truly in full swing with our new bakers now over halfway through the competition, but 2021 winner Guiseppe Dell’Anno has his own predictions about who will make this year’s final.

Guiseppe and runners-up Crystelle Pereira and Chigs Parmar were on the red carpet for the National Television Awards last night (14th October) after Bake Off was nominated for Factual Entertainment Programme, and they shared their thoughts about the current series of the hit ITV show.

When asked by and other press who they thought would be in the final, Guiseppe revealed: “I think that we've agreed on our final trio between the three of us.

“I think it's gonna be definitely Janusz, Syberia and Maxy. So we should be putting money on this one because I've got a very good feeling about the three of them.”

Crystelle chimed in to explain: “I think what's really nice about Bake Off is when you see people bring their own spin on it and bring their own kind of flavour to the ten and Syberia, Janusz and Maxy, do that really well. They all have unique flavours, kind of innovative designs, which is why I really like them.”

Chigs also added: “Yeah, I'm the same, I think they're very daring with the flavours they actually use as well. And I like the fact they've got the guts to go out and do stuff like that.”

Despite its wholesome exterior, it’s no secret that Bake Off isn’t the easiest show to take part in, and Guiseppe and Crystelle have spoken about how hard they found it in the past.

However, they did have some advice for the remaining bakers on this year’s series.

Chigs said: “Just enjoy it. Don't take it too seriously, don't suck the fun out of it. Go in there, you're there because you love baking. Don't go in there to win, just go there to just enjoy it.”

Guiseppe and Crystelle had some more tasty advice, however, and the former winner added: “I would say taste all the other bakers' bakes because you're gonna be learning a lot from your friends.”

He joked: “There is such a thing as the Bake Off stone. Everybody leaves with an extra stone and that's the very reason why it happened.”

Crystelle agreed: “This is the only time in your life where you get to try so many things from so many different people's and different backgrounds. Yeah, I agree. Try everything that everyone else has made because it's probably the only time you get so exposed to all these incredible bakes."

The Great British Bake Off continues Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4.