Julia Roberts and George Clooney on how they first met 20 years ago and pranking Brad Pitt

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14 Oct 2022, 11:49

Julia Roberts and George Clooney

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Julia Roberts and George Clooney go way back. The Hollywood favourites have revealed how they became 'instant friends' more than two decades ago and the pranks they have played on fellow A-listers including Brad Pitt and Meryl Streep.

The Oscar-winning stars appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live while promoting their new movie playing a divorced couple who hate each other in their new rom-com Ticket To Paradise.

The Pretty Woman star said about working together in the 2001 heist film: "The first time we met was for Ocean's Eleven."

George revealed that they 'bonded' before filming started in Las Vegas. Talking over each other, George told her: "Speak for me."

"I will. We became instant friends," Julia said.

"You know, you just meet people and sometimes you think, I really don't like that person. I have no reason to like them, I don't like them, and I will never change my mind. And then there's some people.

"Who you go, ok, I'm going to know this person until the end of time. This is a good one," Julia told the audience.

Asked if they know each other's middle names, George said: "That's a good question."

"Timothy," Julia replied, while George wrongly guessed that Julia's middle name is Rose and admitted he doesn't know when her birthday is (October 28).

On their upcoming movie playing ex spouses David Cotton and Georgia Cotton, Clooney said it was a 'very funny premise.'

Julia added: "Well, I hate him. I think he's still secretly in love with me, but that's a different..."

"She spends a lot of time swooning over me," George said. "He's like, god, I love her so much, what can I do to get her back?," Julia said.

"Couldn't have enough of me, she kept chasing me around a lot. At some point she just gave in. And that's the film," George joked.

Talking about falling for George's pranks while they worked on Ocean's Eleven, Roberts said: "Like shooting fish in a barrel, I would fall for everything."

George admitted that he played pranks on other celebs, including Brad Pitt. He said: "He'll [Jimmy Kimmel] send me stationery of just like people's names. You sent me Brad Pitt's stationery. And I send letters to people from Brad Pitt. Horrible letters. I mean, I saw Meryl Streep the other night, sent her a letter years ago with a bunch of CDs that were dialect coach.

"I sent it from Brad. A bunch of CDs to Meryl Streep. Said, ''This guy helped me with my accent in Troy, I thought maybe he could help you.' Meryl said she avoided Brad for like five years," George laughed.

George said about Jimmy once sending him stationary from The White House. He said: "Bill Clinton's actual stationery. And I send actors all the time letters from Bill Clinton about how much he loved their movie. Which I guarantee they're hanging up in their homes. So if anyone's watching, take the picture down, take it down."