Strictly Come Dancing: Fleur East says ‘rough’ dance-off brought her closer to partner Vito Coppola

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14 Oct 2022, 15:08

Fleur East

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Strictly Come Dancing’s Fleur East says being in the dance-off last week (Saturday 8th October) won’t stop her from giving it all she’s got tomorrow night. 

The pop singer and dance partner Vito Coppola were bottom of the pack with radio personality Richie Anderson and Giovanni Pernice, but luckily for Fleur, the judges decided to let her compete for another week. 

During an exclusive chat with,  Fleur and dance pro Vito revealed how they felt going back into rehearsals having been so close to going home, and how it’s changed their relationship.

“That was rough,” Fleur explained. “Monday was a little bit of a weird feeling, a bittersweet feeling. Everyone's been so supportive. But the whole team here and everyone online, we've just had so much love. We had fans that sent us a massive cookie, it said ‘so proud of you Fleur-ito’, so everyone's like, lifted us back up, which has been really nice.”

Having that slight set-back did have its upside though, with the intensity of the dance off bringing the pair together. 

“Bring in the dance-off has made us closer as a partnership,” Fleur continued: “You have to hold each other up when you're in the most nervous mood ever. My heart was beating out of my chest, and he had to calm me down. Then to have to go into lifts when you're dancing for survival, I mean, it's not a good combination. 

“I think coming through that has made us even closer. I think we trust each other even more, which is good for this style of dance. I think as well, being in the dance off makes you realise how much you want to be here. Because it was like a split second, one different decision and we would have been going home and I'm not ready, I'm not ready to go home, I'm having so much fun!”

On what they will be bringing out to impress the judges this week, both Fleur and Vito teased a “passionate” Argentine Tango. 

The Sax singe shared that while the dance routine is “very steamy and hot”, it’s also “really awkward,” as Fleur’s husband, Marcel, often attends rehearsals. 

The I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here alum added: “[The team] are like, “look at [Vito] like you love him!” My husband came to watch yesterday, and they were like, “Marcel, what do you think?” And he went... “More sexy!” So it's gonna be interesting tomorrow!

Strictly Come Dancing continues Saturday 15 October at 6:30pm on BBC One.