Great British Bake Off star Janusz reveals what really happened to the missing spring roll

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3 Nov 2022, 09:05

(L-R) Janusz in the GBBO tent, and Janusz in his TikTok 'spring roll gate' video

Credit: Channel 4 / TikTok (@januszbakes)

The Great British Bake Off star Janusz has finally opened up about what happened to the missing spring roll following Pastry Week in the tent. 

Janusz had a case of the disappearing snack on Tuesday (1st November) after all the bakers were tasked with making eight spring rolls during the tricky technical challenge

When it came to the blind judging, Paul Hollywood stepped up to count, and revealed Janusz had only made and fried seven spring rolls - and was immediately docked marks for it. 

Shocked by his missing spring roll, Janusz was convinced he’d made eight, and did his best to plead to Paul and Prue Leith that he had baked all that the task required. 

Since then, fans have been scratching their heads to figure out what happened, and Janusz took the opportunity to poke fun at the whole missing spring roll madness, which he has dubbed, spring-roll-gate.

Taking to TikTok, Janusz, dressed like a Prime Minister delivering a speech outside Number 10 Downing Street, told fans: “People of Britain. As a result of the recent events that took place in the tent last night, I stand before you as a mostly honest man, to discuss the missing spring roll.

“Firstly, I would like to apologise to you, the people who live in my phone. Secondly, I would like to explain what happened. I don’t know what happened! I think I definitely made eight spring rolls but clearly only seven were fried.

“Sources say that Prue thought they looked so good she may have eaten one raw. Who knows? I hope this offers some clarity and closure to spring roll-gate and that the people of Britain and the whole wide world can sleep again.”

Fans loved Janusz’ hilarious attempt to answer the head-scratching question, with one writing: “It was Prue, the guilt was written all over her face,” while another said: “omg this is hilarious I love it.”

A third commented: “Hahahaha amazing!! I’m still curious though! Where is the footage?!”

Despite the shock of being one spring roll down, Janusz did come second in the technical, just behind Sandro.

The Great British Bake Off's quarter-final served up three pastry-based challenges, and it’s fair to say that none of the remaining five bakers wowed the judges. Judge Prue Leith called it a “really disappointing” week, with Maxy being sent home from the tent. 

She said: “It’s really sad to go, but I’m happy and I’m proud I made it this far.’

The Great British Bake Off airs on Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4.