Eddy's Good News: The farmers of the UK and how Pomegranates boost your immune system!

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3 Nov 2022, 10:19

Credit: NFU President Minette Batters The Times/News UK

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Thursday 3rd November 2022

Yesterday was British Farming Day, so I wanted to write a story to big up our farmers and this is it!

Say hello and thank you to the farmers of the UK, who were celebrated yesterday, with many of them named ‘Farming Heroes’ by the National Farmers Union and visited by their local MPs, who thanked them with their award certificates.

Morgan Tudor in Wales, John Duggleby in the North East, Cathy Leahy in East Anglia, Olly Harrison in the North West, Andy and Lydia Eadon in the West Midlands, Andrew and Alison Musson in the South West and Ian Watson in East Midlands were each singled out from 115 nominations for going above and beyond. Not just for helping to make farming more sustainable and friendly to nature, and for helping people to enjoy the farmed landscape but for what they do in their communities…raising money for charities, providing services to the people in their neighbourhoods beyond farming and for helping their community in tough times. For a career that has been male dominated, it’s heart warming to hear so many female names on that list and to discover that the President of the NFU is Minette Batters. So let’s hear it for the UK’s farmers, we salute and appreciate you!

Via: nfuonline.com

Credit: The Times/News UK

Encouraging news from Germany and a new study that shows pomegranates significantly boost your immune system to fight cancer.

Say guten morgen to the Frankfurt team who’ve been looking at the link between this delicious middle eastern fruit - which we already knew was chock-full of antioxidants - and a specific part of our immune system,T-cells, which are our bodies way to fight this terrible disease. It turns out pomegranates trigger us to produce rejuvenated T-cells that are much better equipped to deal with cancerous cells.

Current thinking is that our T-cells are suppressed by the cancer, which is then allowed to spread, but the introduction of urolithin-A, a metabolite found in pomegranates, changes the damaged mitochondria, the little power units within T-Cells, and makes them new again. The exciting thing about this breakthrough - says the head of this team - is that it’s focused not on the tumour cells but on our own body’s natural ability to kill them. 

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org