WATCH: Beyond Paradise episode 2 first-look: Esther and Humphrey clash at a crime scene

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3 Mar 2023, 07:26

Kris Marshall and Zahra Ahmadi as Humphrey and Esther in Beyond Paradise

Credit: BBC

Beyond Paradise continues on BBC One tonight (3rd March) and it seems new policing duo DI Humphrey Goodman and DS Esther Williams are trying to find a balance in their work styles. 

In the Death in Paradise spin-off, Kris Marshall is back as the affable detective, who left the sunny climes of Saint Marie (and London for that matter!) for life near the sea in the fictional Devonshire town of Shipton Abbott with fiancée Martha Lloyd (Sally Bretton).

In the debut episode, which aired last week (Friday 24th February), Humphrey met his new partner, Esther (Zahra Ahmadi) who has a much more straight-lace approach to policing than her new counterpart. 

In this new exclusive clip for, Humphrey and Esther are taking a look around their second crime scene together, when Esther decides it’s time for a change. 

While the two are chatting about the latest case, appearing to be a break-in, Humphrey pulls out his rather simple filing system for notes, which is just a number of bits of paper. 

Watch the clip below:

Watching him unroll all the scraps from his pocket, before Esther stops him to pull out a fresh notebook. 

“I bought you this,” Esther says, with a smile across her face, before Humphrey tries to protest in favour of his own disorganisation. 

Understanding that he usually just “scribbles on random bits of paper,” Esther interrupts to say the unconventional method “makes my teeth itch.”

Humphrey agrees to take the notebook with a nervous smile, before moving on with his new pad to the next room of the crime scene. 

Fans will no doubt be looking some lighter moments between the new partners following the heartbreaking final moments of the opening episode. (TW - miscarriage) 

It was revealed Martha had suffered a tragic miscarriage, after earlier revealing she wanted to keep her pregnancy a secret from her mum Anne (Barbara Flynn) after losing previous pregnancies. 

The creators of Beyond Paradise recently revealed to about how this new spin-off was different from the original Death in Paradise, and now Kris, alongside co-star Sally, have opened up about the challenges of tackling such a difficult subject with sensitivity, and why it was important to handle the storyline with care.

Admitting pregnancy loss was a story “a lot of people will find close to their heart,” Kris added: “I think it's important to represent those issues properly and sensitively, whilst still keeping it lighthearted. Deeply sensitive issues in real life can be and are lighthearted, because that's how people deal with them, and that's how people deal with their reality.

“It's important because in the arc of the show, in the grand scheme of the show, is a lighthearted family show, so dovetailing those two emotive differences is quite difficult, but I think Tony [Jordan - writer] did it brilliantly. They run through the whole series as well. You just have to play the reality of the situation and hope that you're representing those people who have gone through that themselves and are going through it.”

Beyond Paradise continues on Friday 3rd March on BBC One and iPlayer.