Eddy's Good News: Surgeon runs marathon to save a life and animals coming off the endangered list!

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3 Mar 2023, 11:51

Credit:  Visit Philadelphia

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Friday 3rd March 2023

Good news from the streets of Philadelphia where a surgeon ran part of a marathon to get to a liver that couldn’t get to him, because of that marathon!

Say hello to Charles Rowe, a 66 year old Philly man who was waiting in theatre with his surgeon Adam Bodzin, ready for a life saving liver because of Hepatitis complications, but it was Philadelphia marathon day and the emergency vehicle couldn’t get through. So Adam ran out the door, still in his scrubs and joined the thousands of marathon runners for a two mile round trip to grab the liver then run against the flow, past people who thought he was in fancy dress, and with the help of police, got back to the hospital before the ice melted and the liver was ruined. 

Thanks to Adam’s quick thinking, and his ability to run fast in a pair of shoes designed for comfort, Charles got a fully functional liver, left hospital 6 days later and called Adam “a hero”.

Of course we know, they *all* are.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: The waterfall frog (Litoria nannotis) CC 2.0. SztakaB

Great news from down under as 29 animals are taken off the endangered list!

Say g’day to the largest study of endangered animals ever undertaken in Australia. Because of the invasive species we introduced, the list of animals in need of protection is a long one: 446 as part of Australia’s Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. 

But since the study, 29 species have bounced back sufficiently, due to excellent work by conservationists and volunteers alike. 15 mammals, 8 birds, 4 frogs, a reptile, and a fish, more specifically, two different barred bandicoots, sooty albatross, waterfall frog, Flinder’s Range worm-lizard, yellow footed rock wallabies, the magnificent humpback whale, growling grass frog, Murray’s cod, and other unique to Oz critters with wonderful antipodean names. 

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org