Zachary Levi opens up about Shazam! Fury of the Gods and the future of the DCU franchise

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8 Mar 2023, 08:19

Zachary Levi at the Shazam: Fury of the Gods UK Special Screening took at Cineworld Leicester Square in London.

Credit: Rex

With the second Shazam! movie hitting cinemas this month, star Zachary Levi has spoken to about what the future holds for the franchise.

The Shazam! Fury of the Gods UK Special Screening took place last night at Cineworld Leicester Square in London, with Levi (who plays Shazam), Helen Mirren, Rachel Zegler, Lucy Liu and director David F. Sandburg all in attendance.

Speaking exclusively to about the new movie from the red carpet, Levi said: “Hopefully everybody wants to go see it, and hopefully everybody enjoys it. And then they go tell all their friends and family and they all go see it too. And if they do, then Warner Brothers will, I would imagine, say ‘Okay, great. Well make a third one’. And that one should be us killing zombies!”

The DCU sequel movie follows Billy Batson and his foster siblings who, as their alter-egos, take on three ancient gods called the Daughters of Atlas, played by Rachel Zegler, Lucy Liu and Dame Helen Mirren. 

When we asked why he wanted to come back for a sequel, the actor joked: “I was contractually obligated. I mean, there wasn't a lot of wiggle room!”

He continued: “I had such a great time making the first one. I get paid really good money to be an immature version of myself, basically. And what lovely people I get to go to work with, with the addition of these incredibly incredible three goddesses, in Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu and Rachel Zegler, who all look stunning, right? Geez, Louise! Man, we're a hot group of actors on this red carpet. It’s a good thing I got a stylist!”

Speaking of working with Dame Helen Mirren, he said: “She's a wonderful human-being oozing with talent and charm and grace and dignity and leadership and intelligence. Pick a word, she’s got it. And you know, she's a Dame, but you would never know it, because it's not like she throws that around."

Meanwhile, Dame Helen has also been waxing lyrical about her co-stars. Read what she told us here.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods will be released in the UK & Ireland on 17th March 2023 by Warner Bros. Pictures.