Eddy's Good News: Progress in the aviation industry and how a kind person saves another

Virgin Radio

8 Mar 2023, 10:56

Credit: Connect Airlines - ATR 72-600 Regional Aircraft with a Universal Hydrogen engine

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Wednesday 8th March 2023

A giant leap for the aviation industry just happened as a new start up just successfully tested the first regional passenger flight powered by hydrogen.

Say hello to fledgling US airline Connect, whose forty seat twin engine passenger plane took off from Grant International Airport and flew for 15 minutes at 3500 feet. Because it’s early days of passenger testing, one of the engines was a standard one, but of course this is just a step in a process that’s going to lead to the total decarbonisation of the aviation industry and to those of us who have given up on unsustainable foreign travel being able to fly again.

The new tech makes energy from hydrogen without the need for batteries which saves on weight and expense and the even better news is that you can retrofit a petrol plane with this fuel technology rather than build a new plane. Win win!

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: GoFundMe campaign by Danielle MacDuff

Heart meltingly good news from Canada as a woman gives a kind hearted homeless man a job on her farm and changes his life.

Say hello to Danielle MacDuff, who struck up a conversation with a homeless man called Brian Bannister, in Ontario. It became quickly clear that Brian was a lovely guy who’d just been terribly unlucky, the death of his first wife, overcoming addiction only to have his second wife die too. Brian says he’d given up, but Danielle went on a mission to turn his life around. She started a fundraising campaign, whipped up over $10,000 - got him his first shave and haircut in years, a place to stay and a job where his kind heart is perfect to help take care of the 200 odd animals, including horses, goats and cows, on her farm. 

Brian talks about her kindness with tears in his eyes. “It floored me. It just came from the heart with her and [I’ve] got to thank her every day,” Well that’s floored us too Brian.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org