Viewers are 'too scared to sleep' after watching The Strays on Netflix

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8 Mar 2023, 16:44

Credit: Netflix

If you're looking to scare yourself silly, you're in for a treat with The Strays.

The latest horror film to arrive on Netflix has got viewers on the edge of their seats and unable to sleep at night.

The Strays tells the story of a mixed-race woman who lives a very happy life in a middle-class and predominantly white suburb in the UK.

However, she soon notices an odd man and woman keep appearing in her life at rather unexpected moments.

But are they actually there?

Watch the trailer below, if you're brave enough:

Neve begins to doubt her sanity.

She turns to her loved ones to help but to her horror they don't believe her. .

Ashley Madekwe plays the role of Neve.

She is joined by Jorden Myrie, Bukky Bakray, Maria Almeida, Samuel Small, Justin Salinger and Michael Warburton.

Viewers have been raving about how scary the film is.

One wrote: "Just finished watching The Strays on Netflix and I think I’m scarred for life, because what the hell did I just watch?"

Another added: "If you’re trying to sleep well tonight, don’t watch The Strays right before bed."

"I couldn’t even watch for more than 10 minutes #thestraysnetflix" admitted one.

Director Nathaniel Martello-White said he wanted to shine a light on "code-switching."

"[code-switching is when] a member of an underrepresented group adjusts their language, syntax, grammatical structure, behaviour and appearance to fit into the dominant culture," he said.

Have you seen it?