Aldi to release Jaffa Cake and biscuit flavoured tea

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11 May 2023, 10:47

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Normally you choose to dunk a biscuit into a brew, but Aldi have saved you a job and created Jaffa Cake and biscuit flavoured teas.

The debate rages still over which is the best biscuit, and now Jaffa Cake fans can enjoy a bev flavoured like their preferred snack.

We won't get into the cake or biscuit argument this time...

The bonus of drinking this tea is you avoid the bits of fallen biscuit at the bottom of your mug.

One of the new flavours is the Diplomat Jaffa Tea.

It promises rich chocolate and zesty orange flavours and apparently tastes just like a Jaffa Cake.

If you've got a sweet tooth then the Diplomat Salted Caramel Tea should be right up your street.

There's also the Diplomat Biscuit Tea, which features a classic malty biscuit taste.

You can get your hands on them later this week, as the new flavours will arrive instore on May 15.

They'll set you back £1.49 for 40 bags.

It's up to you whether you enjoy them brewed black, or with milk.

The news comes after research found that most Brits now favour coffee over tea.

Do you agree?