Brits shocked to find Americans don't butter their sandwiches

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11 May 2023, 14:42

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Reddit users in the UK have been shocked to find that Americans don't spread butter on their sandwiches.

Surely not?

One tourist shared that a relative asked for butter on his sandwich, and received something he didn't expect.

He received a sandwich with butter all over the outside, rather than inside. 

Sharing a picture of the offending sandwich, they wrote: ‘They don’t butter their sandwiches across the pond. This is what happened when my dad asked for his to be buttered.’

More than 13,000 people have liked the post so far.

Americans have also joined in to confirm that no, they don't butter their sandwiches:

"No we don’t. I’m an American and I don’t know why Reddit showed me this subreddit but here I am and here’s your comment and no, we don’t butter our sandwiches.

"Just to make it clear I too don't butter my breakfast sandwiches. I’m talking lunch/deli style sandwiches here. 

"Nobody I’ve never met is buttering the bread on their turkey and lettuce sandwiches.’

Someone also asked on Twitter, and many Americans replied.

"No, no butter. If I'm having, let's say a ham sandwich with cheese, I'll put mustard on it. Maybe mayo as well, if I'm feeling super fancy. Some veg, tomato perhaps... but butter? No. Sounds odd to me. Maybe more likely if the bread is toasted."

"Butter is for toast. sometimes I toast my bread when I make a sandwich, but most of the time I don't."

It also comes after US TikTok users have only just discovered squash - having previously been adding flavoured syrups into their drink.

Many Americans have also enjoyed discovering about crisp sandwiches.

Would you ever butter the outside of a sandwich?