Vet shares the five types of dog she would never own

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30 May 2023, 11:29

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Is your dog on the list?

There are thousands of breeds to choose from, all in varying shapes, sizes, and personalities.

Vets get to see all sorts in their line of work, and one has now shared which breed she would never buy.

There are some very popular dogs in this list too, compiled by @cat_the_vet.

She shared her knowledge on TikTok, and it definitely ruffled a few feathers with owners of these breeds.

Cat posted a video to her 325,000 followers.

Do you have one of these?

"I’m a vet – and here I five dog breeds I would not personally own," she said.

"Just hear me out, OK."

Top of the list was the much-loved German Shepherd

"Absolutely beautiful dogs, but they’re bred to be suspicious and anxious which makes them really reactive dogs,’ she said.

"If they have a bad experience, they never forget it. They’re beautiful, but they’re big, they’re powerful and they can be really, really challenging – so just not for me."

An unsurprising choice is dogs with flat faces, such as pugs, frenchies and boxer dogs.

"Next up is any of our flat-faced breeds."

"Again, absolutely fabulous little dogs but they do not deserve to suffer as much as they do.

"And I could just absolutely never contribute to that suffering by deliberately owning one."

One choice that surprised many was the border collie.

"Number three is the working border collie. I see quite a lot of these in practice bought from farms and kept as pets.

"Huge numbers of them have mental health problems – these are dogs who need a job.

"I just do not have enough time in my life to put into them to make sure they’re living their best lives with me."

Another dog with health problems is the Shar Pei.

"Just generally a breed that doesn’t appeal to me personally" said Cat.

"But also again lots of health problems and lots of behavioural issues as well. Because of their health, they’re in pain and discomfort – and that makes them grumpy.’

The last on the list is a big one - literally.

A St. Bernard, big in stature but also messy.

"Quite honestly, I cannot cope with the slobber" said Cat.

"I had a client once tell me that she had slobber on her ceilings. I am 5’2″, I would need a step ladder to reach it. Quite frankly, there is more than enough to clean without me having to worry about the ceilings as well.

Imagine the cleaning!

"Really lovely dogs, very sweet – but honestly, I am just not good enough a housewife to keep up with these guys!"

Do you agree?

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