Experts are horrified by a cleaning tip that could cost you thousands of pounds to fix

Virgin Radio

30 Jun 2023, 15:54

(L-R) Mop in a steel bucket on a black and white tiled background, and a pink bucket full of cleaning equipment

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There are many cleaning tips and tricks to be found online, but one hack has left professional cleaners horrified.

They say that the new trend of 'wall mopping' can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to your home.

The trend has gone viral on TikTok, under the hashtag #wallmopping.

It has seen users grabbing a mop or a paint roller, and wiping the walls with it in an attempt to clean away dirt and dust.

Experts at The Paint Shed are warning against this.

They urge people not to do it, “despite its potential to save time, particularly when cleaning hard-to-reach areas”.

Experts say some paint types should never be scrubbed, and that you could end up with gaps in the paint.

It could lead to you paying thousands to fix the damage.

They told Ideal Home: “If you have a flat or matt finish and you have not used a washable paint, then you should not be using water or a mop to clean your walls.

“Flat-finished walls do not mix well with water.”

Soaking the mop with water or disinfectant is a very bad idea.

Lisa Cooper is the head of product at Thomas Sanderson said: “Not only will the damp walls create mildew which will slowly ruin your plasterboard, a paint roller is used to apply products meaning you are just rolling chemicals on to the wall rather than removing any existing dirt.”

She said: "You might want to look at using your mop to clean your walls, ceilings, baseboards, trim, etcetera.”

Another mum said she mops her walls and doors: “This mop is just for my walls. I have other mops for my floors, do not recommend sharing a mop with bathrooms by the way because of germs.”

She apparently does it “every month” to “kill germs."