Eddy's Good News: Roof Gardens in Amsterdam and our mindset changes as we grow older

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20 May 2024, 13:15

Monday 20th May 2024

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Credit: Resilio- <em>One of the companies installing roof gardens, Resilio has covered 9,000 sq metres of Amsterdam’s roofs with plants that suck up rainwater</em>

Inspiring news from Amsterdam who’ve successfully trialled a new way to make the city more climate resilient.

The freak rainstorms that cause huge flood damage both here and in the Netherlands are even more cause for concern there because so much of their country is below sea level. 

So they’ve scienced their way around it by installing roof gardens, loads of them, 45,000 square metres of absorbent plants, mosses and sedums, turning the city into a giant sponge. Here’s the clever bit. The roofs absorb rain, which mitigate flooding then use a smart valve system to divert it to waste water systems. They’re flushing toilets with it and storing it to use in watering plants in times when there’s no rain. It’s called ‘The Sponge City’ solution and experts say it works just as well in dry places. You hold onto the free water that comes your way and use it when you really need it. Flooding costs billions so they’re actually saving a lot of money by installing these clever and beautiful things that also hold onto CO2 way better than trees.  

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Age UK

A new study from Humboldt University in Berlin has shown that we are fast becoming a nation of silver foxes that feel a lot more like spring chickens!

We are seeing ourselves as old, later and later, showing age is even less a number, it’s more a state of mind. 

The study author postulates that because we are living longer, the perception of when we are old is stretching. Also that we are living healthier, eating better, and feeling better as we get older. Over 14,000 people were surveyed, born between 1911 and 1974. They were asked many questions including “At what age would you describe someone as old?”.

They could see, very clearly, that the older people are, the younger the age they would describe as the start of old age would be. So it’s official, we’re getting older and older but at the same time we are feeling younger and younger and if that picture I was sent by Martin in Barnstable on his 60th birthday is anything to go by, then it’s very clear that 60 is the new 21!

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org