People are loving this TikTok user’s dishwasher hack for cleaning cutlery

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26 Oct 2021, 13:36

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

We all know how to use a dishwasher, don’t we? Well, according to a new cleaning hack, maybe we don’t! 

A TikTok user from Australia has shared a tip for getting your cutlery super clean, and it involves loading your dishwasher in a slightly different way to how you usually do it.

Professional cleaner Liesl Elizabeth shares many cleaning hacks and tips on her TikTok page, which is under the name @cleanfreak_cleaningco. Her recent clip, which is short and to the point at just 17 seconds long, is captioned: “On today's episode of learning the obvious…” and shows how she gets her cutlery sparkling. 

In the clip, the mum-of-three, who runs a cleaning company in Perth, Western Australia, loads her dirty cutlery into the top drawer of her dishwasher, carefully placing each item between the ridges of the tray, rather than the generally accepted method of chucking them in the basket on the bottom drawer.

The thinking behind rearranging where things go in the dishwasher is that positioning cutlery here means they will likely get a better, more thorough, clean.

Credit: TikTok / @cleanfreak_cleaningco

Credit: TikTok / @cleanfreak_cleaningco

The short clip has been viewed over 17,000 times and with over a thousand likes, and there are plenty of very impressed people in the comments section.

One person wrote: “It did seem like a lot of teeth that I didn’t quite understand the purpose for.”

Someone else said: "Is this witchcraft?"

Another person wrote: “Omg. I feel so dumb.”

Other people though, pointed out that they already did this, while some commenters said that they don’t have the requisite type of drawer in their own dishwasher. 

Meanwhile, some TikTok users admitted that they won’t be adopting this method: "I would not have the patience! Just chuck em in!!" one person said.

Liesl shares plenty more cleaning tips with her 147,000 followers on her TikTok page.

You can watch her dishwasher video here.