Here’s the simple 'how to cut up a banana hack' without any washing up

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8 Nov 2021, 09:52

Credit: TikTok/Getty

Who knew we were all slicing up the humble banana wrong? One mum on TikTok has shared her Edward Scissorhands hack on how to split the fruit without any mess or washing up.

Sounds good so far.

New mum and user Charlotte Jonsie who describes herself as 'The women's coach: Motherhood Uncensored, Mindset and Body Confidence' shared the tip with her followers and racked up 505k views.

She said: “This is a mum hack! You push your finger in the middle."

She continued: “I have washed my fingers."

As she pushed her finger down the middle gently, she commented: "And it breaks.

Credit: @charlottejonsie/Tiktok

"That's cool," she told followers.

"That's actually really cool. Who knew a banana did that?"

Users praised: "OMG. What the hell? That's so cool!"

Credit: @charlottejonsie/Tiktok

Another added: "I do this. The inside of the banana isn't slippery so it's easier for little fingers to grip."

A third commented: "But I don't want banana in my nails!"

Looks like it's a split decision.