The woman who has eaten a Christmas dinner everyday for TWENTY years

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11 Nov 2021, 13:02

Credit: PA Real Life/The Sun

Imagine eating 1,460 roast potatoes, 1,095 carrots and 5,475 Brussel sprouts a year. By choice. Meet the roast queen who has eaten a Christmas roast every day for two decades.

Retired nursery worker Jayne Winteringham told The Sun: “It’s very much an everyday part of my life. It’s such a wholesome, nutritious and tasty meal.

“The food available in this country has become a lot more cosmopolitan than it was when I was growing. We have things like pasta, rice, curries, French food, Italian food - while years ago, people’s diets weren’t as broad.

“A Sunday roast was an absolute staple. You’d go to the butcher to get your meat and that would last you through the week.

“After the roast, you'd boil the chicken bones and make things like soup and bubble and squeak. So, for me, it reminds me of my childhood.”

She continued: “For the past two decades I’ve eaten it every day - bar December 25 2020. It’s just something I never get sick of.

“It started once my kids left home, I was only cooking for myself, not for them anymore. Christmas dinner is my favourite meal, so I cook it every day. There’s no one to stop me!

“I think it's why I’ve maintained my size 10 figure over the years, because I consistently consume the same number of calories every day.”

She said: “I love all kinds of roasts, especially when you go to a carvery and they give you a giant Yorkshire pudding the size of the plate and then you can pile the rest of your roast on top of it.

“When I make mine at home it’s very simple. I’ve got it down to a fine art.

“I buy everything fresh each day from my local shop and use the meat juices for my gravy. There’s no such thing as a bad roast.

“Even if I'm getting a takeaway, my favourite thing to do is to order a roast from my local restaurant.”