Pizza hack: how to steal an entire slice without anyone noticing

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9 Dec 2021, 10:27

Credit: The Sun

Credit: The Sun

Have you ever ordered a pizza with your friends, but you’re insanely hungry and could probably eat the whole thing yourself?

Well, no need to be polite and starve in silence. This pizza cutting hack teaches you how to steal a huge slice without anyone realising it.

The hack comes from TikTok account @Foodie and has over 12 million views, and the comments are filled with people amazed by how the illusion works.

One user commented: “My whole life was a lie.”

Some were joking the hack should be “illegal” and that they were going to inform the FBI for the deception and theft of such a huge slice.

The only thing that might get you caught out is it does slightly change the shape so it’s more oval than round.

One user noted: “They’re gonna know. Cos your pizza isn’t going to be a perfect circle anymore.”

However, if your friends don’t see the shape of the pizza to start with, you will probably get away with it- especially if you eat the evidence.

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