Have you made this mistake when cooking pasta?

Virgin Radio

1 Feb 2022, 13:43

Pic: Montes TikTok

You'd think that cooking pasta would be one of the easiest dishes to make, but it turns out we've been doing it wrong.

A pasta expert says it's all in the sauce.

The expert, posting as Monte's Fine Foods on TikTok, shared a video that teaches you the correct way to serve it.

He says: "The number one mistake people make when they cook pasta."

Apparently the key is to: "add your pasta to the sauce, not the sauce on your pasta."

The trick is also once the pasta is added to the sauce, add some of the pasta water to combine it.

"This is your glue," he said.

If you've been using a colander or strainer, that's also old news too.

He recommends a spider strainer spoon to collect the cooked pasta.

"Thank me later," he insists.

The tips received a mixed response from viewers on TikTok.

One insisted: "I’m just saying, adding your sauce to your pasta vs adding pasta to your sauce are the same"

"You can control the amount better by adding the sauce tho."

But the expert argued his point, writing: "Finishing cooking your pasta in the sauce when al dente allows for the noodle to soak up the sauce.

"Adding some pasta water helps with this."

Another viewer contested: "No real Italian has ever put pasta water in their sauce."

"Ew who wants watered down sauce/gravy."

However, at least one person will give it a go, saying: "Thx I’m going to try it this way."

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