Love a good cup of tea? You could get paid £500 to test builder’s brews

Virgin Radio

4 Feb 2022, 12:13

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Are you a tea expert? A connoisseur of what makes a good brew?

You're in luck, as a company wants to pay you to test tea.

Three lucky tea fans will be paid £500 each to find the ‘ultimate builder’s brew’. 

You'll be tasked with trying different brands, milks, sugar and sweetener, as well as different tea tactics.

This sounds like the dream gig, to be honest.

In addition to the money, will sort you out with a free supply of different brands of English breakfast tea, sugars, sweeteners, biscuits, so that doesn't come out of your earnings.

They will also include a range of both dairy and plant-based milks to sample.

You'll try everything, from different temperatures to mugs versus teacups.

You then submit your findings to the company about the perfect builder's brew.

Biscuits are included too! Happy days.

Are you a dunker?

Samuel Hunt, the company’s co-founder, said: "How to make a cup of tea is something us Brits love to debate. I often get berated for adding milk first when making tea. There is no doubt we all have our methods and go-to tea brands, but at, a marketplace specifically for builders, we want to discover which method and brand is best so that our builders know what makes the ultimate “Builder’s Brew”.

"We hope by hiring a range of people across the country we will be able to discover the best-tasting tea for everyone, but as a “Builder’s Brew” isn’t complete without a biscuit to dunk, we also want our brewers to test what tea and biscuits make the perfect pair.

"If you’re a tea enthusiast and fancy putting different methods to the test, please apply now.’

The position will last two weeks.

To apply, you must be fluent in written English and over the age of 18. Applications will close on 18 February.

The job description is here.