Bite-sized: a tiny sandwich shop has opened in a phone booth

Virgin Radio

4 Feb 2022, 17:14

Pic: Pinkadella

This is a sandwich shop with a difference.

One creative business owner has set up shop in an old red phone booth, selling sandwiches.

Gabriele Contenta is running Pinkadella, in what he thinks is the "smallest focaccia shop in the world".

He's selling italian sandwiches and coffee from the world-famous British phonebox.

The idea came about as Gabriele said he wanted to open an eatery in "an iconically British venue."

Gabriele said: "My family has always been in the restaurant business, myself included, and I had an idea to open something of my own here in London.

"And I thought, “why not use an iconic and historic place like a phone box?”

"I like to call it the smallest focaccia shop in the world.

He wants to make it official too and said he hopes to "contact the Guinness World Records to see if it’s the smallest."

He sells tasty sandwiches featuring a type of Italian sausage called mortadella, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, and burrata.

Unsurprisingly, he says it's a talking point: "People are still very curious and every time they pass they ask questions and say it’s very nice and clever as an idea."

His mother Anna Maria is working on a "secret" while his brother Gianna is helping with social media.

You can find it in the phone booth at 40 Rosslyn Hill, London NW3 1NL.

Instagram says they are open Friday, Saturday and Sundays this month.