A hash brown themed pop-restaurant is coming soon

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15 Feb 2022, 16:07

Pic: Hash Hut Instagram

Pic: Hash Hut Instagram

Prepare to be excited, London residents (or get booking train tickets.)

If you can't get enough of the potato delight that is a hash brown, this is the restaurant of your dreams.

Hash Hut is a pop-up kitchen opening at Boxpark Croydon later this month, and it specialises in the God-tier snack that is the hash brown.

These are no ordinary carb-filled delights though, as they're created by a chef who previously worked in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Nottingham.

James Sharp worked at the fine dining establishment, Achemillia, where at the end of each night he would take any leftover hash browns and pair them with fancy toppings like black garlic caramel and fresh truffle.

He served them up to his fellow chefs as an end-of-shift treat, and they loved them so much it gave him the idea for the restaurant.

It opens on February 21 and will be trading for three months.

Treat yourself to The Hash Hut Chip , perfect for dipping in roasted garlic mayo, parmesan, or fresh truffle.

How about The Hatsu? If you love a katsu curry you'll like this. It features hash browns topped with panko-coated chicken thighs.

Other names include Bangers and Hash, Raclette Hash, and Smoked Ancho Chilli Ragu.

Don't expect bargain prices as these are set at £4 to £9, but it's a full meal rather than a breakfast side dish.

James previously had stalls at festivals and it was a roaring success.

See you in the queue!

Other previous pop-up restaurants include Miles Kane's chicken wing venture to promote his latest album and KFC's pop-up chicken hotel.