Here are three household items you can keep and reuse

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5 Jul 2022, 14:56

Pic: TikTok

If you're trying to be better for the environment, a TikTok user has been sharing tips.

Posting under @my_plastic_free_home, the social media creator called Kate shares eco tips.

Her followers have been raving about a recent hack, that uses tights, socks and toilet roll cardboard holders.

It's an excellent way to recycle.

She explained: “[Here’s] 3 things that you can reuse around your home that you might not have thought about before.”

She picked up a pair of old tights and some scissors.

Kate asked: “Tights that you no longer wear?

“Grab a pair of scissors and cut your tight legs into two inch strips. Now you have snag free hair ties.”

She said it saves money and cuts down on plastic use.

She continued: “This is great because you don’t have to buy bobbles anymore, which are plastic too.”  

She also shared how you can give “old, holey socks” a new use.

“You can reuse your old socks by turning them into the perfect hand dusters," she exclaimed.

“Honestly, I don’t know why dusters aren’t made like this anyway. It’s so easy to dust using them and great for keeping dust off of your plants too.”

She also shared how you can use toilet roll tubes to grow seeds in.

“Just cut slits into the end, fold them up, pop your soil in, add your seed and away you go!"

Have you tried any of these?