Is the chocolate side of a biscuit the top or the bottom?

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3 Mar 2023, 14:00

A plate of digestive biscuits.

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It’s a debate that has split the internet for some time. Is the chocolate side of a digestive the top or the bottom?

Whether you're a dunker, a nibbler, or if you just indiscriminately put them in your gob, we all love a digestive, don’t we? And a chocolate one? Even better! 

But which side would you consider to be the top? The chocolate side or the biscuit side?

Whilst many people would assume that it's chocolate side, there are some people who reckon that, no, the chocolate side is the bottom of the biscuit. And if you think about it, it does make some sense. After all, that way, all of the wording is visible. 

Well, as reported by LADbible, a while back someone attempted to settle the debate once and for all. Taking to Reddit to reveal their findings, they wrote: “I have some news for you all.”

The thread then offered some bombshell news: “McVitie's chocolate digestives have the chocolate on the bottom of the biscuit, not the top.”

The Redittor then shared a screenshot of an email from United Biscuits, in which a spokesperson wrote: “For your information, the biscuits go through a reservoir of chocolate which enrobes them so the chocolate is actually on the bottom of the biscuits and not on the top.”

They concluded: "We hope this helps settle your argument."

A 2018 tweet from the biscuit maker confirmed this. “Our Digestives run through a chocolate reservoir so the chocolate is on the bottom,” they posted, in reply to a debate about the big question. 

“Not gonna lie, this revelation has blown my mind,” one commenter said. 

In 2020, Caroline Hipperson, Chief Marketing Officer for McVitie's, told the BBC: “We can officially confirm that the side with the chocolate on is in fact the bottom of a McVitie's chocolate biscuit.”

She added: “We will, however, leave it up to biscuit lovers everywhere to decide how they enjoy theirs."

So there you have it. Has this turned everything you thought you knew about biscuits upside down?