Watch Lightning Seeds’ live session here - featuring their cover of a Lou Reed classic

Virgin Radio

14 Oct 2022, 06:39

Lightning Seeds playing live at Virgin Radio

Lightning Seeds joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky today to play a superb live set from the top of the tower and to speak about their new album and tour.

The band have returned with new record See You in the Stars, which is out today. This is the group's first LP since 2009’s Four Winds. Speaking about the themes of the new album, frontman and songwriter Ian Broudie told Chris it has, “positivity, hope, mixed with, probably, a bit of Lightning Seeds melancholia in there!” 

The band’s live session included Emily Smiles, the third single taken from See You In the Stars. It was co-written by Terry Hall from The Specials.

Ian Broudie was a member of the band Big in Japan and a record producer (“I was producing Echo and the Bunnymen, The Fall and various other bands”) before he began writing as the Lightning Seeds at the end of the 1980s. “The band started in 1989 as just myself,” he told Chris.

The latest incarnation of Lightning Seeds, playing at the top of the tower for Virgin Radio, featured Martyn Campbell on bass and backing vocals, Jim Sharrock on drums, Adele Emmas on keys, omnichord and backing vocals, and Ian’s son Riley on guitar

The band played The Life of Riley, which Ian wrote about his son. The music soundtracked Match of the Day's Goal of the Month competition for many years.

Lightning Seeds are set to embark on a 14 date UK tour. “It starts tomorrow and we’re really excited about it. It’s good to still be here!” Ian said.

Speaking about their gig in Kingston tomorrow, the vocalist said: “That’s a record instore, so hopefully that will be a lot of people who know us very well and have bought the album. So that will be pretty good.”

During their live set, the band played a cracking cover of Lou Reed’s Satellite Of Love, from his iconic 1972 album Transformer. 

Speaking about the group's fanbase, Ian said: “Lightning Seeds, it’s a wide variety, I’d say. A lot of people who have discovered us later, and a lot of young people, and then some older people who have been coming to the gigs for ages.”

Lightning Seeds' live performance included Lucky You, from their 1994 third album Jollification.

During his chat with Chris, Ian spoke about which of the Lightning Seeds’ songs had travelled the furthest. He said: “I’m always amazed when we get to places, you know, far flung places, and people know the songs so well and sing them. I think, probably, Pure travelled furthest, in a way.”

The Lightning Seeds’ session featured Sunshine, the first single to be released from See You In Stars.

See You in the Stars is out today.

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