Cheeky Taylor Swift fan tries to sell a pair of used contact lenses they wore to her tour

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11 May 2023, 15:51

Credit: Getty

We all love a bit of concert merchandise, but one fan has gone above and beyond by trying to sell their old contact lenses.

The chancer listed their "used" contacts on the online marketplace, Depop.

They said they wore them to watch Taylor Swift perform her 'Eras' concert.

Even worse? They're asking a huge $10,000 (£7,900) for the item.

The fan described them as being in a 'used' state but 'excellent' condition.

They described them as "contacts that have seen taylor swift eras tour."

The listing was taken down, and the seller updated their profile to say: "LMAO IT WAS A JOKE."

One fan wrote: "I have contacts that can be sold for 10k that have seen Taylor Swift’s tour too. Just lmk," alongside a sarcastic laugh emoji.

Another added: "I mean photons coming from taylor swift passed through the contacts to reach their eyes so in a sense it interacted with her physically, i would even sell it for 100k."

Another wrote: "Wow, $10,000 for contacts that have seen Taylor Swift's tour? I guess I'll just stick to my glasses, they've seen all of my eras and only cost $200."


Taylor previously reassured fans that she was OK after injuring her hand during a show.

The star is playing songs from across her career, and says no two shows will be the same.