Tom Grennan shocks fans with impromptu ‘aftershow’ following Coventry gig

Virgin Radio

12 Jul 2023, 12:32

Tom Grennan performing

Credit: Getty

Tom Grennan gave fans more than they bargained for when he set up a very last-minute aftershow for those who wanted the hits to continue. 

The Friday singer performed to a packed-out crowd on Tuesday (11th July) at Coventry’s HMV Empire, and some of those who attended decided they didn’t want the party to end, staying outside the venue long after lights-up. 

Instead of making a quick getaway, Tom stuck around to put on a few more tunes, with the singers’ manager, John Dawkins, sharing the footage to social media. 

In a video shared to Twitter, John wrote: “After the @Tom_Grennan cov show last night people just wouldn’t go home, so …. He did a matinee, an evening, then an outdoor aftershow. Madness. What a city #PUSB.” Tom then re-shared the clip, and captioned it: “What we do.”

In the black and white footage, the Not Over Yet hitmaker and his band make their way outside onto a terrace overlooking the mass of fans, who instantly break out into applause. Tom then asks them to ‘shush’ but the excitable crowd continues to yell out to the Lionheart singer. 

Fans who caught the moment on social media shared their reaction to the spontaneous moment, and praised Tom for being so generous with his time. 

One fan commented: “He is just a different level of artist. The way he doesn’t just sing, but uses every emotion possible to tell his story! Not ashamed to say he had me teary eyed last night singing Here. An absolute legend.”

Another wrote: “Special night for Cov outstanding performances from Tom and band. He’s a gem!”

A third said: “He cares so much, he deserves everything good that comes to him.”

It wasn’t the only time fans in Coventry were bowled over by Tom’s kindness on the night, as he also donned a t-shirt encouraging attendees to donate to a fundraising campaign dedicated to a local girl with cancer. 

The shirt was emblazoned with Rally for Hallie, with a QR code on the back for people to use, all in aid of 1-year-old Hallie, who was diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia, known as JMML.

According to BBC News, the top and a signed drum skin will be auctioned off to help with proceeds too. Tom said after the concert: “I know we can raise the money so she can get the treatment she needs and hopefully live a long life.”