Liam Gallagher responds after Andy Bell says Oasis 'probably will' reunite

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9 Apr 2024, 14:00

After Andy Bell said Oasis would probably reunite, Liam Gallagher has responded.

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With former Oasis bassist Andy Bell sharing his thoughts on whether the legendary band will ever get back together, Liam Gallagher has now responded. 

Bell joined the Manchester band in 1999 and was with them until they split. He later joined Liam’s group Beady Eye until their breakup in 2014. 

The guitarist-turned bassist joined Andy Goldstein on Virgin Radio UK at the weekend ahead of his upcoming tour with Ride, when talk turned to the Gallagher brothers. When the talkSPORT and Virgin Radio presenter asked if Oasis would ever reconcile and bring Oasis back together, Andy said: “Yeah, they probably will. I think, yeah, they probably will do it.”

Admitting that he doesn’t think “it looks likely right now,” he said “but life is long, isn’t it?”

The musician continued: “As a Stone Roses fan, that reunion happened completely against the way things were looking. They were not getting on at all and there was a lot of bad blood in the press and stuff with the Roses, and then suddenly you were hearing about gigs.

“I think we could see something like that for Oasis.”

Liam Gallagher has now taken to X to react. This morning (9th April), he wrote: “Andy Bell from Ride the shoe gazing phenomenon should really not be getting people’s hopes up it’s not big and it’s not clever LG x.”

When one commenter replied: “He’s just saying what you’ve said a million times already”, Liam wrote: “I’ve never mentioned Oasis reunion it’s over we must all really move on for our own mental health.”

Meanwhile, Andy Bell wrote: “Apologies! Didn’t mean to get anyone’s hopes up, nothing to see here! X.”

Whilst no Oasis reunion seems to be on the cards at the moment, the band are at least releasing a CD and vinyl this week to mark three decades of their debut single, Supersonic

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