Miley Cyrus reveals the wildest gift she has received from Dolly Parton

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4 Jun 2024, 15:28

Miley Cyrus has opened up about the unique support and quirky gifts she receives from her godmother, the one and only Dolly Parton.

This country music icon has a special way of showing her love and guidance to Miley Cyrus, making their bond something truly special in the world of showbiz.

It is a yuletide tale as unique as a Dolly Parton, so if you managed to guess what it is, we'll just assume that you are the queen of country herself.




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Yes, that's right, it's a life-size mannequin of none other than...Dolly Parton.

And if that ain't the most Tennessee thing you've heard today, well, bless your heart!

Miley, the Grammy winning Flowers songstress, confessed that her godmother and country music legend, Dolly Parton, surprised her with this larger-than-life present last Christmas.

"I was gifted a life-size mannequin styled like Dolly Parton," Miley shared, leaving us all to wonder if this is a new trend in holiday gifts or just a Parton family thing.

But the story gets even more intriguing when you hear how these two keep in touch.

In an age where texting and tweeting rule the roost, Miley and Dolly prefer a more vintage method: faxing.

Yes, faxing.

Recalling the bizarre present and relationship the duo share, Miley said: "Dolly's been like a mother to me. Actually, I was just reading this fax that she sent me two Mother's Days ago."

Miley, in an interview with W magazine, revealed, "Dolly faxing is 100 percent part of my 9 to 5 fantasy. No one else faxes.

"I literally have to access my lawyer's office, because the lawyer is the only person who can still receive a fax." Talk about keeping it old school!

The heartstrings were plucked even tighter when Miley shared a touching message from Dolly, sent via fax, of course.

"Dolly wrote to me to say: 'How much do I love you? As much as my heart can hold and as far as my arms can reach.'" Miley, clearly moved by her godmother's affection, admitted, "It gets me choked up. I just love her so much."

It's a love story for the ages, y'all.

But let's not forget the mannequin. Miley, ever the gracious receiver, couldn't contain her glee over the gift.

"Done in her proportions and wearing her outfit," Miley described the surprise, leaving us to imagine the scene at her place on Christmas morning.

In a twist that's as unexpected as a banjo solo in a ballad, Dolly Parton herself had some words of praise for Miley.

"She never stops and is always in the loop with all the things pertaining to the business, records, and people I should know and work with," Dolly shared in her admiring fax to.

And in a final note that's as refreshing as sweet tea on a hot summer day, Miley revealed her newfound lifestyle.

"My lifestyle is extremely clean. Sobriety is a big part of it," she confessed, showing us all that she's not just about the glitz and glam.

She added that she follows a 'practice how you perform' mantra, saying it is like any athlete.