Keith Richards: "I appreciated Mick’s job a lot more by the time I finished"

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15 Jan 2021, 17:15

The coronavirus pandemic has kept many of us home, and The Rolling Stones legend and X-Pensive Winos frontman has been keeping busy.

In an interview with Louder, Keith Richards reflected on his experiences in his side project band.

"It was a different experience. Being a frontman was very unusual for me. I appreciated Mick Jagger’s job a lot more by the time I finished, I can tell you" he laughed.

"Because with the Stones I can go back and forth at my will and whim. I can hide there with Charlie Watts or I can go up front. But I realised the non-stop pressure of singing every song, though at the same time I was expecting it to be a challenge, and it was. It was just a matter of stepping up to it, really, and it was very enjoyable" recalls Richards.

Keith was asked if he's had a lot of time to play the guitar during lockdown: "Actually, the thing sits next to my usual chair, and I kind of do. But I do tend to have moments and little periods of time during the day when suddenly I’ll pick up the guitar and something will come to mind. I sit around writing songs, basically, or parts of songs, little bits," he says.

Talking about the pandemic, Richards sums it up as: "At the moment, I can’t see any plan B coming. At the moment I think it’s all based on ‘Let’s get this thing over and done with as soon as possible. Let’s smarten up and…’ This thing is designed to keep us apart, and everything we want to do is be together."

Keith is forthright: "I think we’re all going to have to bite the bullet for a bit and hunker down, do as we’re told, wash our hands, wear our masks and do the best."

The lockdown also interrupted The ROlling Stones recording a new album. "We got about four or five tracks down before the pandemic hit," explains Keith. " was written and recorded before we knew anything about COVID-19. It was one of Mick’s really mysterious prophecies laughs. But otherwise? I don’t know."

He adds: "We can’t finish it until we can get back together again, and this pandemic might change the way we want to sound or what we want to write about, because I think it’s going to influence everything."

It looks like we'll just have to be patient.