The Killers break all records with single Mr. Brightside still in the UK music charts

Virgin Radio

1 Apr 2021, 12:15

The Killers have caned the UK singles chart and set a new impressive record with the infamous Mr. Brightside clocking up 260 non-consecutive weeks – totalling five full years – in the top 100.

Starting its journey in 2003, it was re-released again in 2004 to promote their debut album Hot Fuss and it's become the band's most prolific hit. 

The Official Charts Company confirmed that the musical masterpiece has been in the top 100 of the UK singles chart since 2004 totalling up a whopping 260 non-consecutive weeks.

Streamed over 281 million times in the UK, it also holds the record as being the most-streamed song of any track released before 2010, streamed 65.2 million times in the past year in the UK at an average of 1.2 million times a week.

The closest competition comes from Snow Patrol‘s Chasing Cars which has been in the UK charts for 166 non-consecutive weeks – but is still no threat to The Killers' new chart success.