Now you can get an Iron Maiden beer cooler

Virgin Radio

30 Jun 2021, 17:38

We might not have many festivals this year, but you can still chill out with an Iron Maiden cooler.

Igloo, a cooler manufacturer based in Katy, Texas, have manufactured an Iron Maiden beer cooler.

Why not put some Iron Maiden beer in it, too? 

"Chill with the Beast!" sayIgloo. "Appearing on every Iron Maiden album cover and at every live show, an army of Eddies — the heavy metal legends’ ever-evolving figurehead — takes center stage on this special-edition Iron Maiden Playmate Classic."

"We designed this Playmate cooler with striking graphics unmistakably inspired by Iron Maiden’s famous album cover art and iconic stylized logo."

In case you're really thirsty, the cooler holds up to 28 cans of beer.

Fingers crossed we get some better weather sooner rather than later.

Igloo also promise that the cooler benefits from an "original side push-button design for easy opening and secure closing", and that the "secure lid" will "help prevent spills."

Brian Garofalow, Chief Marketing Officer at Igloo says: “This collaboration has been surreal in all the best ways. By incorporating an army of instantly recognizable Eddies onto our Playmate Classic cooler, we’re able to provide Maiden fans a chance to chill with the Beast and own a unique piece of memorabilia."

As well as cooler, Iron Maiden previously released a football shirt with West Ham United, a video game, a Christmas jumper and even a pinball table.  i

Iron Maiden fans are in for a treat.