Adele leaves fans in tears after debuting song for Amazon's Christmas advert

Virgin Radio

8 Nov 2021, 13:40

Credit: Getty

Get ready for the waterworks. Adele's vocals are starring in a tear-jerking new festive ad for Amazon. With her exciting new fourth album 30 on the way, fans have been given a sneak peak of one of the tracks and it's melted fans' minds.

The emotional ad is based on a young woman who is struggling with life post pandemic and is left touched after getting a present from a neighbour after feeling lost and alone.

A news report is heard in the background saying: "In other news, cases of anxiety in young adults are rising as experts warn of the effects on well being caused by the pandemic," closing with the message: "Kindness. The greatest gift."

During the gospel-inspired ballad Hold On, Adele is heard singing: “I swear to god I’m such a mess, the harder that I try I regress… right now I truly hate being me.

“Every day feels like the road I’m on, might just open up and swallow me whole… let time be patient, let pain be gracious.”

The singer told Vogue recently about recruiting her own pals to be on the track. She said: “The thing that they’re all singing [‘just hold on’] is what my friends used to say to me. That’s why I wanted them to sing it, rather than an actual choir.”

We're still waiting for the call...