James Blunt, The Human League and The Specials to headline Rochester Castle Concerts

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8 Mar 2022, 11:35

Credit: Rochester Castle Concerts / Hush PR

Credit: Rochester Castle Concerts / Hush PR

A stellar line-up is heading to Kent this summer. 

James Blunt will join The Human League, The Specials and Cameo for the annual Rochester Castle Concerts taking place between 6th and 9th of July. 

The historic Rochester Castle has been home to a number of iconic performers over the years, including The Libertines, Jools Holland and Status Quo, just to name a few. 

The Human League will open up the four-night event on Wednesday 6th July. The pop-synth band obviously dominated the charts in the 80s, and last hit the stage for their ‘Dare 40’ anniversary tour in 2021.

Cameo will hopefully bring back the leather codpiece for their night on Friday 8th July. The ‘Word Up’ band have kept quiet in recent years, so no doubt they’ll be ready to bust out their outrageous wardrobe yet again. 

Ska revival band The Specials will close out the event on Sunday 9th of July, and will no doubt keep fans entertained with their big hits as well as new material from their 2019 studio album Encore. 

James Blunt will hit the stunning grounds on Thursday 7th July. He recently played at the Top Of The Tower for the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky, and revealed all about his Greatest Hits record, The Stars Beneath My Feet.

Speaking more about the album, the singer-songwriter said: “I’m on Atlantic Records. They said they wanted a Greatest Hits, and so I said, ‘Okay, I’ve got a title. I want to call it, Greatest Hit and Songs I Wish You’d Heard!’”

Speaking further about the album’s title, he said: “It’s just a line from Same Mistake, and when I’m playing a concert, I get all the audience to turn on their phones, turn the torches on their phones and wave them, so I just see a sea of stars beneath my feet.” 

Anyone who follows James on Twitter will know that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Speaking to Chris about it, he said: “This business of music is one which is full of insecurities, isn’t it? 

“You know... how well you’re doing, what chart place, whether the newspaper writes a good article... and all of that can take its toll, except if you’re not fussed about it, and enjoying it, and not taking yourself too seriously. Then you’re free.”

Tickets for the Rochester Castle Concerts (6th-9th July) are available to buy now here