Blossoms are releasing a film ‘Ribbon Around The Bomb’ and premiering it with a hometown show

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8 Apr 2022, 11:41

Blossoms' Tom Ogden and an event poster for the premiere of Ribbon Around The Bomb.

Credit: Getty / Blossoms

With their new album, Ribbon Around The Bomb, set to land later this month, Blossoms are also dropping a film of the same name, and premiering it with an event in their home town.

The film will star BAFTA-winning actor Daniel Rigby, and is directed by Edwin Burdis, who has previously worked on visuals for Arctic Monkeys albums, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino and AM. The director has also made videos for Blossoms’ new album.

The upcoming album will be released on April 29th, and the Ribbon Around The Bomb film will then premiere at the Stockport Plaza - a venue which features in the film - a few days later, on May 3rd. Blossoms play their new album in full at the event.

You can watch the trailer for the film here: 

Speaking about the film project, Tom Ogden from Blossoms said: “What a joy it was making this film with Edwin Burdis. It was also great to work with my cousin Daniel Rigby, a BAFTA award-winning actor, who brilliantly plays The Writer who is trying to put on his new play, Ribbon Around The Bomb. 

“Edwin’s unique style and vision really took the film to surreal corners, using editing techniques I’ve never come across before! The outcome is a quirky, dream-like film that we absolutely love.”

Meanwhile, director Edwin Burdis said: “We created a script for this film so that we could rip it up... It was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Blossoms and such diversely talented practitioners and performers on this project.” 

Speaking about the Stockport Plaza, the director described it as “a joy to work in and it very much became an unexpected central character of the piece.”

Of the creation of the film, Burdis added: “Whilst a lot of time and care went into crafting the script, the cast and crew had full permission to improvise, which really allowed creativity to flow.”

As well as this special hometown premiere and gig, the Stockport five-piece are playing a whole bunch of dates around the UK over the next few months. For tickets and information, head here.