Metallica’s ‘Master Of Puppets’ is rising up the charts thanks to 'Stranger Things'

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5 Jul 2022, 10:20

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First 'Stranger Things' boosted Kate Bush, and now Metallica are the latest band to have a song revived.

'Running Up That Hill' featured earlier in the fourth series of the supernatural show, and pushed it to number one in the UK charts.

Be warned, mild spoilers ahead.

Now, after the dramatic final episodes have been released on Netflix, another classic song has been given a boost.

Metalhead character Eddie Munson shreds Metallica's 'Master Of Puppets' on his guitar in the Upside Down, and fans have been flocking to social media to play it.

It was originally released in 1986 but is back in the charts after Eddie played the song as a distraction.

Fans have been raving about the scene, crediting it as one of their favourites.

When the song was originally released, it reached number 29 on the Billboard 200.

As of now, it has reached number 26 in Spotify's Top 50 Global playlist.

Kate Bush has racked up more than $2 million in streaming royalties since her song was used, reports CBS.

She thanked fans for the support.

She wrote: “By featuring ‘Running Up That Hill' in such a positive light - as a talisman for Max (one of the main female characters) - the song has been brought into the emotional arena of her story.

“I salute the Duffer Brothers for their courage - taking this new series into a much more adult and darker place. I want to thank them so much for bringing the song into so many people’s lives.” 

She continued: “I’m overwhelmed by the scale of affection and support the song is receiving and it’s all happening really fast, as if it’s being driven along by a kind of elemental force. I have to admit I feel really moved by it all.

“Thank you so very much for making the song a No one in such an unexpected way. Kate”

Will Metallica have the same luck?